One day dental treatments

Gum treatment


Removal of tartar (scaling) and smoothen the roots of teeth so as to remove all the bacteria that are on the surface (root planning). In situations where the disease is at a more advanced stage, it may be necessary a minor surgical intervention.


Avoid tooth loss, bleeding gums, receding gums or persistent bad breath


One appointment, up to 1 hour


Back to work: same day


Require periodical maintanance

Fully guaranteed: All treatment are fully guranteed for normal use and if you attend for regular check-ups and hygiene at least once a year and any failure isn’t caused by external force or trauma.

Payment options: After firts session you’ll be presented with a treatment plan and it´s cost. Payment is in Euros. We also accept Visa. You can also make an internet bank transfer directly in the clinic waiting room. If you want, you can spread the cost of your treatment. Ask us how!

Discounts / special offers: It’s our policy to keep all our prices and fees as low as possible and fair to all. Our prices always remain the lowest that they can be. We only use the best materials and supplies in our dental clinic abroad and you can be 100% sure that you’re getting the best dentistry abroad possible, for the fairest dental price abroad possible.

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