Dental implants / Ceramic implants

When did you really laugh for the last time?
Do you dare to show your teeth? In case you have lost one tooth or several teeth, the Implantology Institute® offers the right solution for you and for your laugh.

Biting, smiling, speaking...
Actually, those are normal activities and they require a perfect set of teeth.
We will help you to come back to an enjoyable everyday life. With a natural looking set of teeth, not revealing that implants are hiding behind them.

Implants? What material?
In most situations, a dental implant is the most pleasingly esthetic solution for replacing a missing tooth.
The Implantology Institute® offers you modern dental implants made of two biocompatible materials: titanium or a special bioceramic material (zirconia ceramics).


Structures made of pure titanium or zirconia that are placed on the maxilla or mandible to substitute the roots of lost teeth. They offer a solution to substitute one or more teeth, functioning as a support for single crowns and partial or total fixed bridges


With dental implants, the patient no longer has to use uncomfortable and unaesthetic solutions such as removable prostheses supported only by mucous membranes and can once again experience the comfort afforded by natural teeth


Surgery and immediate crowns: one appointment, up to 1 hour (depending on the number of implants) Definite Crowns: one stay of 4 working days
2 one day visits, with a week in between them (up 1 hour each):
Day 1: impressions
Day 5: definitive crowns placement


Back to work: next day
Full integration between implant and jawbone: 6 weeks to 6 months


With right maintanance, several years


Ceramic implants show some advantages: they are white, made of zirconia and therefore free from metal. They are especially suited for sensible patients, who do not wish metallic implants and for patients with highest aesthetic demands.
The metallic colour of titanium implants may be shown in case the patient has a thin mucous membrane. Due to high-quality fabrication and processing, ceramic implants are as good and as durable as titanium implants.


  • Perfect aesthetics

  • Metal-free: the first choice for allergic patients

  • Natural white colour: the Implantology Institute® offers you a unique system to match your real tooth’s color and translucency so they’re almost impossible to tell apart from real teeth

  • Biocompatibility: all-ceramic solutions are completely tissue-friendly. Your crown or bridge integrates beautifully with its surroundings, encouraging gum to grow back up to the tooth, as it would naturally. And because they are bio-compatible, there are no allergic reactions, no sensitivity to temperature and no impact on taste

  • Preservation of the bone tissue

  • Used as you would use natural teeth

Fully guaranteed: All treatment are fully guranteed for normal use and if you attend for regular check-ups and hygiene at least once a year and any failure isn’t caused by external force or trauma.

Payment options: After firts session you’ll be presented with a treatment plan and it´s cost. Payment is in Euros. We also accept Visa. You can also make an internet bank transfer directly in the clinic waiting room. If you want, you can spread the cost of your treatment. Ask us how!

Discounts / special offers: It’s our policy to keep all our prices and fees as low as possible and fair to all. Our prices always remain the lowest that they can be. We only use the best materials and supplies in our dental clinic abroad and you can be 100% sure that you’re getting the best dentistry abroad possible, for the fairest dental price abroad possible.

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